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PIN Activation Instructions by Phone
1. Dial 1-800-867-7183
2. Turn on your Tracfone
3. Press #1 for English or #2 for Spanish
4. Press #1 to enter the PIN Activation System
5. Enter your 11-digit IMEI (ESN) Number and press #
6. Enter-15 digit Airtime PIN Number and 5- digit promo code and press #

The Tracfone automated system will provide detail instructions on how to program the airtime PIN to your handset, if you run into any trouble. Once you hear the “Your PIN denomination added to your account, then power your handset off and on to verify the minutes added to your account. Be sure that the promo code minutes have been added also.

IVR Airtime PIN Activation - Please note: Your Tracfone handset must be turned on and charged in order to add the minutes to your account. Do not use your Tracfone handset to add minutes through the IVR system. Please use another phone when activating your airtime PIN refill.

PIN Activation Using Tracfone Website

Go to and select the “add airtime‿ tab in the left hand corner and follow directions.

PIN Activation from Tracfone Handset

Most Tracfone digital handsets are capable of loading prepaid airtime minutes using the installed prepaid menu. Simply follow the prompts in the prepaid menu screen and enter your airtime PIN when prompted.

Please note: Rates listed are based on provider and subject to change. For most current rates and promotions, please call Tracfone. Tracfone promotional codes shown above are based on best available information and are subject to change, modification or cancellation by Tracfone.

Got your Tracfone Promo Code?
Any loyal Tracfone customer knows you don’t buy a Tracfone airtime refill without a promo code to receive additional free extra minutes with your purchase.

Tracfone promo codes are consistently put out on a monthly basis by Tracfone. The amount of free refill minutes you can receive will typically vary from 20 minutes up to 200 minutes depending on the amount of your purchase. And if you are using a double minute’s card for life, then your cost per minute can be brought down as low as $.10 per minute.

Most bonus codes are valid 60 days or longer. To credit a promo code, simply add the 5-digit promo code to the end of the Tracfone PIN to receive your bonus minutes. Promo codes have been a part of Tracfone's culture and marketing strategy for years and are not likely to go away anytime soon. The concept really engages their customers and certainly lowers the overall cost of your prepaid minutes.

Where do you find Tracfone promo codes?

Contact Tracfone Customer Care at 1-800-867-7183


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